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Brant Mcmeans personal trainer Lubbock Z

Brant Mcmeans

Brant earned a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise and sports science from Texas Tech University. He has over 30 years of weight training experience and has been a personal trainer for over 20 years. Brant specializes in the use of resistance training to achieve success in fat reduction, muscle gain, strength gain, increased flexibility, improved mobility and overcoming afflictions caused by injury, illness, disabilities and addiction.  Brant's philosophy is that we are given one body through which we experience every single aspect of this life. Pursuing fitness is not always a comfortable path but the rewards far exceed the sacrifices


Garrie Dawn Knight personal Trainer Lubb

Garrie Dawn Knight

Garrie Dawn is an ISSA certified personal trainer that has been in the fitness industry since 2014. Garrie was a bikini competitor in the NPC. Garrie's fitness career started after a divorce. Garrie turned her energy into a positive direction, and became focused on getting fit, and living a healthy life. Garrie is a mother of 2 that loves to work with other mothers, new moms, and those that are expecting to be. Garrie firmly believes that in order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself.


Deborah Kirkpatrick

Deborah Kirkpatrick is a Certified Personal Trainer and the Director of Group Fitness at Zach’s Club. She has been a champion for wellness for over 20 years. Deborah started teaching exercise classes while earning her bachelor’s of sciences degree in kinesiology from Lubbock Christian University.
After graduating, she completed her National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal training certificate with a desire to help positively transform the lives of her clients. As Deborah continued guiding clients through their wellness journey she earned her Master’s in Science degree to expand her experience in cooperate wellness. Deborah served many local companies across Lubbock including United Supermarkets Company, the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, small businesses, and university level departments. Deborah has continued in her passion of wellness to help others be the best version of themselves. She believes wellness is mind, body, and spirit. Each of us are uniquely made!


Jacob Cisneros

I started my Training Journey at the age of 18 when on a state mission and studied for a year and got my ISSA certification at the age of 19, during that time the way I trained on how to be a trainer and a coach was not only studying and being under a Strength and Conditioning coach who was also teaching me. But doing real life practice session with lower enlisted/friends who would let me train them and did the program I would write and my coach would critique. after doing that for another year I came back to Lubbock and started training in a Corperate gym for a year and now I have decided to go into self-contracting and continue to help people reach their goals weather it be getting bigger, stronger, slimmer, toner, increase endurance, or if they just want to look like they work out by making training plans, helping with nutrition, & assisting with eating habits that are hard to beat.

jami seal.jpg

Jami Seal

Hi! I’m Jami! I am a NASM certified personal trainer, and I have been passionate about fitness and nutrition for over 20 years. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Language, with a minor in Psychology. Cardio and strength training were the main component of my self care, as my husband and I raised our three children. I’ve discovered that different stages of life require modifications to an exercise program, and I desire to help each client maximize their potential. My coaching focuses on strength training, balance training, proper movement and
proper nutrition. I’m  continually researching ways to optimize fitness and nutrition, and I want to help my clients look and feel incredible at any age!


Sara Abers personal trainer Lubbock Zach

Sara Abers

Sara specializes in women’s fitness and has over 16 years experience as a personal trainer. She understands the struggles of weight gain and lack of  motivation. Sara spent many years stuck in what she considers “mom mode”, She had three girls in 6 years and was not taking time for self care. Sara finally found her passion for fitness and nutrition after her youngest daughter was born. She has maintained her weight ever since.  Sara would love to help you in your journey, wherever you may be.

George lebreton pic2.jpg

George LeBreton

George has a diverse background in fitness. He began by studying Tae kwon do, Kung fu, Karate and competing in Kickboxing. After competing in martial arts and  other sports in high school, George became a professional in the PRCA rodeo as a clown/ bullfighter.


George spent 20 years in Law Enforcement in Texas and New Mexico, completing two separate police academies. As a former use of force/ASP baton instructor for the El Paso PD., he also Instructed academy recruits for Las Cruces PD in patrol tactics as a field training officer. George was also previously assigned to gang unit, Swat, K9 and narcotics units.


George is a CrossFit competitor, and a Certified Level 1 instructor. George is currently coach kickboxing at a local MMA gym and has over 35 years of fitness experience. Training is his most rewarding job since leaving law enforcement. In fact, he wouldn’t call it a job. It’s a calling!


Reagan Tyler

Reagan is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with several years of experience in the fitness industry. She specializes in  weight loss and body transformation, strength and conditioning, fitness nutrition, and corrective exercise. As a wife and mother to three children, she knows the importance of taking time to focus on your physical health to contribute to a balanced and fulfilling life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or if working out is second nature for you, Reagan will help you set realistic goals to transform your health, gain the confidence you want and deserve, and enjoy the journey along the way! 


Daytona Austin

“Daytona has a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Sciences with a concentration in Nutrition. She has competed in athletics for 10 years. After finishing up her softball career, she started to pursue her own fitness journey. She has since competed as an NPC bikini competitor and continued to grow her knowledge in diet and exercise. She is now a certified personal trainer. Daytona’s goal is to provide people with a better knowledge and understanding of the importance of health and wellness. She is the perfect person to familiarize you with the gym and its equipment. She’ll focus on your personal goals while making sure you maintain proper form and technique.

"You’ll go from FAT to FAB,

from FATTY to BADDIE ”

Jason Young- USA Olympian Personal train

Jason Young

USA Olympian & Texas Tech Hall of Fame Member Jason Young has been the personal trainer or coach to Lubbock's finest for over 20 years. Young, a Texas Tech Graduate, and former Red Raider Strength Coach served as the Head Trainer at Zach's Club for 8 years before becoming the General Manager. Young has traveled worldwide, and worked under  champion coaches such as Bob Knight, Wes Kittley, & Tim Segal. Whether training young mothers, old geezers, or world champion athletes, Jason has the knowledge to help you reach your goals.

Brandon Carter personal trainer Lubbock

Brandon Carter

As a former NFL lineman, WWE wrestler, and a collegiate All American for Texas Tech University, Brandon is passionate about weight training, conditioning, and injury prevention training. He is a proud graduate of Texas Tech University, with a major in Exercise Sports Sciences and Health. Carter is most proud to have helped a number of area athletes receive scholarships to continue playing at the next level, assisting post operative patients to strengthen themselves to allow a normal everyday life, and  helping every day gym goers to live out a healthier lifestyle.. Whether you're an athlete, post-op patient, or even just a casual gym goer, I'd be honored to help you achieve your goals, as well. 


Austin Wallace

Austin is a competitive and driven individual to say the least! He has competed and set records in Powerlifting and Strongman. Austin has helped many clients rehab and strengthen lifelong injuries, and improve their quality of life. His coaching journey started as a teen when even then he became an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for his high school. After coaching athletes, Austin has branched his experienced into helping anyone and everyone improve in strength, performance and lifting competence. Whether you need strength training, technique analysis, or rehab Austin is the man.


Melody Wilkes

  Hi there! I'm Melody Wilkes, a certified personal trainer and health coach passionately dedicated to empowering women in mid-life to achieve strength, mobility, and balance. My fitness journey began with ballet at age five and continued through my college years at Texas Tech, where I also earned a degree in Education. My experience as an elementary school teacher taught me the importance of tailoring guidance to meet each student's unique needs. As a certified personal trainer, I bring that personalized approach to my clients. I understand that every woman is unique, with different fitness goals and challenges, and I work closely with each client to develop a tailored plan that meets their specific needs. I aim to ensure that my training methods are effective but also educational and empathetic. In addition to my personal training business, I'm the proud co-owner of The Lubbock Wellness Expo and co host of my former radio show ,"Your Health Today" on KRFE AM580/95.9FM, where I extended health and fitness insights beyond the gym. As a wife to my husband, Wade, and a mother of three wonderful adult daughters, I understand the challenges and joys of balancing personal health with family life. 


Ashley Johnson

Ashley earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, with a minor in Nutrition at Florida State University. She went on to receive her Masters at Texas Tech University and is proud to call herself a Red Raider. Ashley is also ISSA certified in Personal Training, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, TRX, Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Foam Rolling, and Obstacle Course Racing.


Ashley has been helping her clients reach their varying personal goals for over 20 years, and can't wait to help you reach yours!

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