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Zach's Club #1 has over 30,000sqft of space to allow for a robust array of equipment without cramping your space. Members love to workout with ample space on high quality machines. Having breathing room isn't underrated at Zach's Club. Our goal is to keep that 30,000sqft cleaner than any gym in Lubbock.


We are one of the few facilities in West Texas to offer a steam sauna. There is a reason why! Maintaining steam rooms is difficult in this part of the country, but we are committed to having a top quality steam room designed for you to relax and refresh. We also clean and disinfect our steam rooms  daily. Whether you need the sauna or simply a hot shower in our upscale locker rooms, we want you to have the perfect experience after a tough workout.

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With over 200 pieces of equipment available to our members, Zach's Club #1 has plenty for you to do. Our free weight section is spacious and ready for your to work in. We also boast the largest cardio equipment selection in Lubbock. Whether you need 120lb Rogue dumbbells, an Olympic lifting platform, or specialized glute building machines, Zach's Club #1 has your back. No pun intended!

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Zach's Club #1 has a plethora of group fitness training and core fitness options. Group Fit, Spin, Core Training, Gluteator, Hip Thrust, Olympic Platform, Battle Ropes, Concept Rower, Rogue Belt Squat, TRX suspension, Rogue Dumbbells to120lb, Racquetball, Punching Bags,  Tire Flip 180, Nautilus, Precor, Life Fitness, Cybex, Personal Training and much more.

Our Child Waiting staff is friendly and attentive. Bring in your kiddos for a great and hassle free workout.

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