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This class is not included in our membership, but you can try it for free! Watch the video below and contact George for times and rates.

Meet the Instructor

George LeBreton has a diverse background in fitness. He began by studying Tae kwon do, Kung fu, Karate and competing in Kickboxing. After competing in martial arts and  other sports in high school, George became a professional in the PRCA rodeo as a bullfighter.


George spent 20 years in Law Enforcement in Texas and New Mexico, completing two separate police academies. As a former use of force/ASP baton instructor for the El Paso PD., he also Instructed academy recruits for Las Cruces PD in patrol tactics as a field training officer. George was also previously assigned to gang unit, Swat, K9 and narcotics units.


George was a CrossFit competitor, and a Certified Level 1 instructor. George has over 35 years of martial arts and fitness experience. Training is his most rewarding job since leaving law enforcement. In fact, he wouldn’t call it a job. It’s a calling!

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